Here are some recent gigs from around the world

5226 Elm St Fashion Show

Using DJ Senega's sound and lighting we are able to create an atmosphere and dynamic feeling to broadcast the new and upcoming designs at any fashion show you can imagine.

Audi Grand Opening

Grand openings are key when introducing new material. Allow DJ Senega to ignite your light and give you the grand opening that your company deserves!

Austin Wedding

DJ Senega is dedicated to making the vision of your wedding as magical as you have imagined. Through our services we can make this a reality.

Degaulle Grand Opening

DJ Senega is all about creating the kind of parties where you can truly "live it up". We specialize in transforming your venue's into a even more spectacular place.

SuperBowl 2016

The Super Bowl being in our home city created so many amazing opportunities to DJ at all sorts of incredible parties and hang out with football fans from all over the world.

Kincaid Prom

Prom night is a moment in your life that you will remember forever. Allow DJ Senega to be apart of that memory making by throwing the best Prom of the year and cheering the graduates!

New Years Eve 2014

What better way to close out the year than with a party that no one will forget. Celebrating all the good things you have accomplished over the year deserves a blow out of a party!! DJ Senega loves being a part of the start of your new year!

Porsche Macan Launch

You can have a good product all day long but the way you present it can be just as important. DJ Senega is all about making your product/services radiate. We believe in preparation before performance and we are here to perform for you.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding

Part of the joy of a destination wedding is showing off a place that has a special meaning to you and being surrounded by your loved ones. Making this place truly come alive during this special time for you is something we are masters in.

Silver Street Wedding

Let's take a look at the local love here in Houston, Texas. Also while your at it check out these images and witness for yourself the astonishing transformation that takes place for this wedding at Silver Streets Studio.

Wedding Video

While pictures do give you a great idea of what we do and how we do it, we want to take you on a journey with us. Watch this video and you will see for yourself the energy that is created through working with us!

PetSet at The Astorian

This was a wonderful charity event benefitting Houston PetSet which is a non-profit organization that provides grants to Houston-area animal nonprofits.

Houston We Have A Party!
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