A wedding DJ faces away from the camera wearing over ear headphones and looking out on a wedding reception, which is dimly lit with yellow and blue lights.

The Importance of Your Wedding DJ Selection

Selecting a wedding DJ is an important step to ensure your special day is one everyone will fondly remember. It can turn a dull, disorganized day into fun for friends and family alike, all without overwhelming the wedding party. Let’s take a closer look!

Selecting the Right Wedding DJ Near Me

Selecting the right wedding DJ near me means more than finding someone with the best music or the best equipment. It comes down to finding the entertainer with the right mix of personality, communication, and flexibility.


Your DJ is responsible for setting the tone for the evening, and that starts with their personality. A DJ with a fun personality will help contribute to a fun wedding overall. A DJ with a boring personality will have a harder time contributing to the fun. Likewise, a professional DJ will help ensure the event goes smoothly and orderly, doing things like making announcements. A less professional DJ can have the opposite effect, leading to chaos or otherwise falling behind schedule.


Speaking of professionalism, communication is key to a good professional relationship with your DJ. For this reason, you want a wedding DJ who is a good communicator. This includes communicating with the audience on the day of, but also with you during the planning stages.  This way, you can be on the same page about your wants and needs or any scheduled events like cake-cutting.


As important as having a plan or schedule can be, there are many opportunities for plans to go awry. In the event of delays or sudden changes in plans, a wedding DJ should be flexible and ready for anything. This way, they can keep the party entertained while adjusting the schedule to accommodate these changes.

5 Questions to Ask Your DJ For Wedding Before the Big Day

Before hiring the DJ for the wedding, you naturally would want to ask about their qualifications and what they’d bring to the event. To start the conversation, here are 5 questions to ask your wedding DJ before the big day.

1. Are You Insured?

As silly as a question as it may sound, accidents do happen. Ensure your DJ is licensed and insured and what plans they have for any emergency situations (if any).

2. Are You Available on the Wedding Date?

Wedding vendors book up fast, and the same can be true of entertainment as well. Making sure they’re free the day of first will prevent complications down the road.

3. Are You Familiar with the Venue?

Every venue has its own quirks and layout issues to get used to. If the DJ has performed at your venue before, he’ll have a leg up when handling those issues.

4. How Do You Handle Song Requests?

Guests inevitably will want to make song requests, and there may be music you may not want played as well. Knowing how requests are handled will help you know how flexible and adaptable (and how prepared) your wedding DJ is.

5. Do You Have Backup Equipment (or a Backup DJ)?

Even the best-laid wedding plans can go awry, including delays, power outages, weather concerns, and more. A professional wedding DJ will have backup equipment prepared in case of emergencies. They should also plan for a replacement should they be unable to perform.

Make Your Special Day Extra-Special with DJ Senega

Now you know how important it is to choose the right wedding DJ, and also how to do it. Don’t let tying the knot tie you in knots; make your wedding day a joyous event for everyone, yourselves included. That means hiring an experienced professional DJ with great music and the best equipment. If you’re in the Houston area, your choice is clear: DJ Senega. DJ Senega is Houston’s first and best choice for DJing your elite events, including weddings. He’ll bring over 20 years of experience to ensure your wedding is a day nobody will forget.  Join the VIP today so you can get more information and find out how DJ Senega can DJ your wedding.

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